Workforce Pipeline

The City of Nampa is involved in several initiatives to ensure that our existing businesses can find the qualified employees they are seeking. We recognize what needs to be done in order to solve the "skills gap". That is why we partner with our school districts, colleges and universities, technical schools and businesses to meet the needs for the types of career technical training provided at the high school level, along with the types of training needed to gain skills or update skills for the workforce.

High School Career Technical Education Programs

The Nampa School District offers Career-Technical Education at the high school level. Nampa School District students currently have access to:

28 occupational specialty pathways provided by Career-Technical Education. All of the Nampa School District’s CTE programs are physically embedded in each of the high schools. In addition to their Professional Technical Education programs housed at each high school, they also have a Career-Technical School, known as Idaho Center for Advanced Technology (ICAT). ICAT offers "high-end, state-of-the-art" technical programs that foster quality technical education at the secondary level. Programs are directly related to the preparation of high school students for employment in current or emerging occupations that require other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree. These programs are closely aligned with postsecondary education programs and are closely linked to current industry standards to ensure relevance and quality.

These programs include;

Agriculture and Natural Sciences

Business and Marketing

Engineering Technology

Family and Consumer Sciences

Health Professions

Skilled and Technical Sciences

For a listing of all of the Pathways programs, alphabetically, click here.
For a listing of all of the Pathways programs, listed with locations, click here.

The school district also provides career and technical education student organizations, such as; Business Professional of America, DECA, Family Career & Community Leaders of America, FFA for agriculture education, Future Health Professionals, Skills USA and the Technology Student Association.

College Level Workforce Development

CWIThe college of Western Idaho (CWI) has a workforce development program that offers you the opportunity to quickly gain the skills to obtain employment and apprenticeship training, retrain for new opportunities, and advance your career. The workforce development program offers training in Healthcare & Emergency Medical Services; Trades, Manufacturing and Construction; Technology and Business Solutions; Wildland Fire; Basic Skills Education; and Career and Technical Education.

CWI also offers customized training programs. When it comes to training solutions, they recognize that one size definitely does not fit all. CWI partners with your business to design custom training programs that fill skill gaps or create new skill sets in your workforce. Whether you are seeking a one-time skills development course, or desire ongoing training, they are able to respond quickly to your needs. Training if offered at your site or on campus.

Questions and Resources?

Careers? Not sure what you want to do?

Not sure what career you want? Worried you may not be on the right track to get where you want to be? Find Find your calling website was designed to help answer the question, what do you want to do when you grow up? and to help connect students to the right opportunities. For more information, click here.

Find careers based on previous jobs and skills.
My skills My Future is your source for employment information and inspiration. The site provides career matching and job listings for related jobs. You tell them a job you've had and they will find careers with similar skills.

New to the Workforce?

New to the workforce? Whether you know what you want to be, or you're not really sure, or maybe you will know it when you see can be a valuable tool. You can search careers with key words, browse careers by industry, or simply answer questions about the type of work you might enjoy and they will suggest careers that match your interests and training.

Gain Experience?

Youthworks! is a job readiness program designed to give young people the skills and experience proven to be effective in preparing them to get a job that will open doors.

Career Atlas

Career atlas uses real labor data to help drill down to the actual skills employees must have in a specific job, while illustrating how real people advance from one job to the next. It allows you to see, at the skill level, what career paths people take in Idaho, which will help you plot your own real-life version.

Idaho Digital Learning

Idaho Digital Learning provides innovative education methods through digital learning, creating access and opportunity for all Idaho students and educators. Idaho Digital Learning is recognized as a leader across the nation in online virtual education.

Idaho SkillStack

Idaho Skillstack was created to help document, assess and validate student skills utilizing industry and disciplinary defined standards. This creates a wider talent pool for Idaho employers to draw from; matching required job duties to skills than an individual possesses. Skillstack also assists with the articulation of credit from secondary career & technical education programs into Idaho's colleges and universities.

The Workforce Training Network

The Workforce Training Network (WTN) provides opportunities for the retraining of workers who have lost their jobs, customized training for business and industry, upgrade training, related instruction for apprentices, and emergency services training for first responders.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

is a federally funded program designed to assist eligible youth in achieving academic and employment success. Services are designed to meet the needs of out-of-school youth. For more information, please click here.